Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sam's Club and a touchy breaker box. Oh, my.

Things this week have been...interesting. To say the least. It all started out on Friday evening. All of a sudden, our breaker box started breaking in the TV (soon to be nursery) room every half hour or so. I'm not going to say how many times before I figured out that running the TV, AC, and two laptops in the same room was causing the problem. We still can't run the AC and TV, so we've been playing a lot of games-Scrabble, rummy, Phase 10, and Yahtzee have become our favorites. I'm good at Scrabble, but not so much so at the rest.

Not only have I recently discovered Amazon, but recently I was introduced to Sam's Club. I've never known how I felt about those huge bulk stores, but I admit that I'm a fan now. You can buy huge cuts of meat and cut them down to something you need. I spent a hundred dollars but I walked out with enough butter to last a couple of months, foil sheets for grilling whatever, sugar to last my baking and Bill's iced tea for a month, frozen fruit for homemade popscicles, a ten pound log of Angus ground round that had to be sold by tomorrow that I cut down into eight packages, and ten pounds or so of pork loin that I cut into a roast, a butterflied roast, and eight loin chops, and wings because I love making them when Bill gets off work late and I'm still up. I also got pork spareribs at a discount price because they also had to be sold by tomorrow and we're having those for dinner tonight. I may never shop anywhere else again. That's an exageration, but ya'll know what I mean.

I also took my husband the the ER for the first time. I got woken up this morning, my day off!, by a numb hand and an arm that hurt to move. He's fine. Just arthritis, which he knew about, but I have done my first early morning husband disaster. No more. For a little while at least.

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