Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So much for writing every day.

On Sunday I made it a personal challenge to write every day for a week. Well, I haven't done it. I've been feeling sick for the last two weeks. I have it narrowed down to three things it could be:
1. Gallbladder
2. IBS
3. Pregnant

Apparently they all have the same symptoms. Why do people need to tell me this? I was laboring under the happy delusion that I was pregnant. Even if I wasn't, who wants to possibly have problems with your gallbladder or have IBS. Come one! Those are two terrible things to have.

Bill seems to be jumping between being absolutely positive I'm pregnant and absolutely certain I'm not. I'm sure for a guy this is normal. He's terrified of many things:
1. Being a good father
2. Providing for the child
3. And finding money to get the nursery done.

I'm not worried about any of those. If it happens it happens and we'll make it work.

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