Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sam's Club spareribs.

Honestly, I have nothing for this, but on my stats it says that seven people have linked my site with these search words. When I put them into Google, I got something saying that page didn't exist. So, I'm making a page that exists. Really I got nothing to put in here. I can only say if you're going to do ribs of any kind a rub with brown sugar is a must, in my humble opinion. Oh, and refrigerate overnight with the rub and leave out for half an hour to bring to room temp. Remember to clean your grill before putting them on. If you're going to all the work to do ribs, you may as well make your own barbecue sauce, too. It's really not that hard...ketchup, molasses, vinegar, a variety of spices, and something sweet. I usually use peach or apricot preserved, but I think root beer might be interesting.

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